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Dear Children I love you,

I really really do.

I will stand by you through anything,

like really sticky glue.


I’ll clean your bums and noses,

and give you  manicures.

I’ll fix your broken dolls and toys,

my whole life is yours.


I’ll tidy your very messy rooms,

and wash your dirty clothes.

I’ll find that elusive marble,

and wash your smelly toes.


There is only one thing I want from you,

it really isn’t a lot.

It happens only once a week,

but you don’t seem to give a jot!


Weekends are for sleep you see,

it really clears my head.

To be able to lie in for a while,

and curl up in my warm bed.


So please don’t think that 5am,

 is in anyway okay.

You can’t come in our room,

to bounce on the bed and play.


No singing, giggling or shouting,

not even a tiny peep.

It’s the weekend, for crying out loud,


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