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I read an article today about a mother who had given her child smartie sandwiches for lunchtime.  After reading a few of the outraged comments about how this was a disgrace etc, yadda and so forth, I found myself wondering how she got the smarties to stick to the bread!

I admit this was probably not the best thing to think of but all I could imagine was that the smarties would keep falling out when picking up the sandwich, not very practical is it?  Joking aside, whilst I am of the *let’s eat everything in moderation* camp, I absolutely do not agree with smartie sandwiches.  I am not sure if this was supposed to be a fun one time treat or something but if it was, perhaps it is best left for hometime where it doesn’t get the media zapping that this mother has now received.

I don’t have a problem with school meals versus packed lunches.  My daughter has made it easy for me.  She will absolutely NOT eat a school meal and if I pushed her to do so, she will come home hungry, tired and unwell.  At least with the packed lunch, I know what is going in there, I know that she eats 85% of it at school and the rest at home and so I can relax knowing that she has some sort of *fuel* getting her through the day.

My problem is actually breakfast.

What do you give your child for breakfast to ensure that it is enough to take them through to snacktime (my daughter’s school provides fruit and milk) and how do you ensure it isn’t just empty calories and sugar?!

My two manage toast and milk.  But that’s about it.  No amount of cajoling on a school day will get them to have cereal or even a egg with their toast.  One doesn’t like porridge, the other does but won’t have it in the morning.  American style pancakes are a no no because they are *too big* and stick in the throat without the syrup and guess what…they don’t like syrup.  They WILL have cake though.  Of course they will, silly me…but I refuse to give them cake for breakfast even though I know in some European countries it is a main part of breakfast.  Perhaps if I bake it myself and reduce the sugar but even then I cannot justify a piece of cake (with some milk) to get them through 2 hours of schoolwork. 

Has anyone tried toast and fruit?

Another idea is the breakfast muffin, but essentially, that is just cake.  Savoury will not have any fans in this household so the alternatives are chocolate chip, banana walnut, blueberry and a few others.  Again, I know it is done but is it really the right thing to give?  Should I put a few things out on the table and see what they do with it or just stick to toast and milk and daily shots of multivitamins to keep them going!

I know they are very young at the moment and tastebuds take time to develop as do appetites especially when they start doing more and more at school and otherwise.  But for now, I just wish there was something else I could do that will keep them on the road of good and healthy but nice and filling breakfasts to start their day.

What do YOU do for breakfast? Do you have a variety of things out or do you just dish up one thing before a school day? Am I worrying too much or not enough.  I welcome your comments and I’ll try anything different!!

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There are a few different ways of doing The Food Shop.  The most popular is to plan your meals in advance, allocate a day to go shopping and get it done on said day.  This is great if you are highly organised and can remember the list of items that you’ve run out of other than the food items you might need for your meals.  There is also the online shop which many swear by and declare that it saves them lots of money because you are not tempted to buy any other *bits* that might be lurking down an aisle prettily decorated with HALF PRICE of BOGOF signs.

Some people buy a few bits per day.  I supposed that’s ok if you live next door to a supermarket but not really practical for most of us if time is an issue plus it can be costlier and if it’s raining and you have the kids at home…well!

I have tried all of the above (shopping for bits happened when I was single and I actually did live next door to a mini mart!). Even the meal planning which is an excellent idea has left me flummoxed (one m or two?).  I never seem to adhere to the plan either because I feel like making something else or um…because I feel like making something else.  Okay, okay, I admit I am NOT GOOD at following rules where meals are concerned, even my own.

This week, after the long period that seems dull and depressing after Christmas, I have been on a food shop pilgramage visiting my most used supermarket, my dearly loved American warehouse-type store and my favourite Asian grocer/butcher.  I have decided to shop for TWO WHOLE WEEKS!

Yes, you heard right.  I have enough provisions (apart from milk and bread) to last two weeks.  The freezer is stocked for a month (no pizza!) and the fruit and vegetables, if stocked properly in the fridge can actually last that long.  This may sound quite grand but I can assure you it isn’t.  It’s mostly all necessary stuff that we have run out of, butter, cheese, fruit etc.  The only treat in there is a cheesecake and even half of that will be going in the freezer until next week.

My other reason to be happy is my visit to the butchers.  I have portioned up everything I bought and it has made 10 meals that I can usually get leftovers with too.  These meals with vegetables, rice (or bread) all work out at around £4.50 a meal for four people.  Me Happy!

I have kept all receipts and made notes of how much each shop cost for future reference.  Hopefully by buying alot of things that will last the whole month and some that I have to replenish in a fortnight, I will have reduced the budget a little but I can only tell this when February is over. One example of an item that lasts for a while is rice.  I buy a 10kg bag for £13.00 (this month we even got 10% free!) and that will actually last this family 6 months.  I would have taken a picture for you all but put the shopping away before I remembered!

My question to you is which method of food shop do you do?  Do you do a bulk month/fortnight shop and have you been successful? Or are you a meal planner and buy weekly with strict method?  Please feel free to comment below, I can always do with learning a thing or two!


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